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Practical Empathy: For Collaboration and Creativity in Your Work is published by on January 16, 2015. This book has 200 pages in English, ISBN-10 1933820489, ISBN-13 978-1933820484. PDF, EPUB, MOBI is available for download below.

Conventional product development focuses on the solution. Empathy is a mindset that focuses on people, helping you to understand their thinking patterns and perspectives. Practical Empathy will show you how to gather and compare these patterns to make better decisions, improve your strategy, and collaborate successfully.

Practical Empathy is a straightforward guide to extracting greater ROI from the squishiness of empathy. –Harry Max, VP Product AllClear ID

Practical Empathy will convince designers and product managers how and why empathy is a key ingredient to both product innovation and organizational success. –Sam Ladner, author of Practical Ethnography

Customer Experience is now a key competitive differentiator; however, to truly stand out, organizations need to have and apply empathy for their customers. This wonderfully insightful book teaches us why empathy is important, how to gain it, and how to apply it within our businesses. –Richard Dalton, AVP Experience Design, USAA

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Business Is Out of Balance
Chapter 2: Empathy Brings Balance
Chapter 3: Put Empathy to Work
Chapter 4: A New Way to Listen
Chapter 5: Make Sense of What You Heard
Chapter 6: Apply Empathy to What You Create
Chapter 7: Apply Empathy with People at Work
Chapter 8: Apply Empathy Within Your Organization
Chapter 9: Where Do You Go from Here?

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