- Managing Chaos

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Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design is published by on February 19, 2015. This book has 248 pages in English, ISBN-10 1933820888, ISBN-13 978-1933820880. PDF, EPUB, MOBI is available for download below.

Managing Chaos: Digital Governance by Design.

Few organizations realize a return on their digital investment. They’re distracted by political infighting and technology-first solutions. To reach the next level, organizations must realign their assets—people, content, and technology—by practicing the discipline of digital governance. Managing Chaos inspires new and necessary conversations about digital governance and its transformative power to support creativity, real collaboration, digital quality, and online growth.

Managing Chaos provides clear and cogent guidance on how a governance model delivered through digital strategy, policy, and standards and abetted by a culture of collaboration can help the enterprise develop an effective approach to digital transformation. –Perry Hewitt, Chief Digital Officer, Harvard University

Managing Chaos is a practical and pragmatic guide to integrating digital into any business. Required reading for every organization. –Paul Boag, author of Digital Adaptation

You can t get user experience right if your governance model is wrong, and nobody knows digital governance better than Lisa Welchman. When executives and designers read Managing Chaos, the intertwingled world+web will be a better place. –Peter Morville, author of Intertwingled

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Basics of Digital Governance
Chapter 2: Your Digital Team: Where They Are and What They Do
Chapter 3: Digital Strategy: Aligning Expertise and Authority
Chapter 4: Staying on Track with Digital Policy
Chapter 5: Stopping the Infighting About Digital Standards
Chapter 6: Five Digital Governance Design Factors
Chapter 7: Getting it Done
Chapter 8: The Decision to Govern Well
Chapter 9: Multinational Business-to-Business Case Study
Chapter 10: Government Case Study
Chapter 11: Higher Education Case Study

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