- Introducing SQL Server

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Introducing SQL Server is published by on October 2, 2015. This book has 388 pages in English, ISBN-10 148421420X, ISBN-13 978-1484214206. PDF is available for download below.

Introducing SQL Server.

Introducing SQL Server is a fast and easy introduction to SQL Server and the world of relational databases. You’ll learn how databases work and how to use the T-SQL language by practicing on one of the most widely-used and powerful database engines in the corporate world: Microsoft SQL Server.

Do you quake at the sight of a SELECT statement? Start to shiver when people start talking about tables and rows? Fear not, Introducing SQL Server is here to rescue you. The book focuses on the knowledge and skills needed to begin your journey toward becoming a solid and competent SQL Server professional and database programmer. You’ll learn the core concepts of SQL Server, from installing the software to executing and profiling queries.

Introducing SQL Server is aimed at SQL Server newcomers as well as at those wanting to improve their database skills. You’ll put a comprehensive database together as you work through the book. You will create tables and learn to use constraints; create reusable functions and stored procedures; and even learn how indexes work and what they bring in terms of increased performance. Introducing SQL Server shows you that databases don’t need to be difficult.

  • Teaches you how to build a SQL Server database from scratch
  • Takes a tutorial-based approach, with each chapter building on the last
  • Covers what you need to know for common SQL Server development tasks

What you’ll learn

  • Install SQL Server and customize your system
  • Build databases and table
  • Become conversant with the T-SQL language
  • Import data using text files and T-SQL
  • Program in T-SQL, creating stored procedures and functions
  • Administer SQL Server at a basic level, including query and index management

Who this book is for

Introducing SQL Server is for anybody who wants to learn how databases are put together in Microsoft SQL Server. It’s especially helpful to database newcomers, software developers who want to improve their SQL Server knowledge, and those whose SQL knowledge has lapsed over time. Introducing SQL Server’s unique tutorial-led approach makes it a great choice for those who enjoy learning by doing. It’s also a great reference book to keep on your desk.

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