- How To Write Your First Thesis

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How To Write Your First Thesis is published by on August 25, 2017. This book has 95 pages in English, ISBN-10 3319618539, ISBN-13 978-3319618531. PDF is available for download below.

How To Write Your First Thesis.

Many courses and degrees require that students write a short thesis. This book guides students through their first experience of producing a thesis and undertaking original research. Written by experienced researchers and advisors, the book sets out signposts and tasks to help students to understand what is needed to succeed, including scoping a topic, managing references, interpreting data, and successful completion.

For students, the task of writing a thesis is a transition from structured coursework to becoming a researcher. The book provides advice on:

  • What to expect from research and how to work with a supervisor
  • Getting organized and approaching the work in a productive way
  • Developing an overall thesis structure and avoidance of mistakes such as inadvertent plagiarism
  • Producing each major component: a strong introduction, background chapters that are situated in the discipline, and an explanation of methods and results that are crucial to successful original research
  • How to wrap up a complex project with an extended checklist of the many details needed to be checked before a final submission

Producing and managing a thesis for the first time can be a daunting task, and this reader-friendly guidebook provides a framework for students to do their best.

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