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Dart 1 for Everyone: Fast, Flexible, Structured Code for the Modern Web is published by on August 7, 2014. This book has 164 pages in English, ISBN-10 1941222250, ISBN-13 978-1941222256. PDF, EPUB, MOBI is available for download below.

Dart has changed significantly since the first printing of this book and Dart 1 for Everyone has kept up. Every chapter has been revised and some chapters have been almost completely rewritten since the first printing. The MVC project chapters dumped the old JavaScript-like event handlers for the sleek new streams interface, and the chapter on testing reflects the extensive changes in testing now available in Dart.

Brand-new sections explore some of Dart’s beautiful new features, such as:

  • Method cascades: Improve code readability dramatically.
  • Event streams: Simplified event handling, consistent with virtually every other asynchronous interaction in Dart.
  • Library parts: Yet another way Dart promotes code organization.
  • New class constructor syntax: Dart supports a nice variety of surprisingly expressive and concise ways to declare constructors.
  • Building your own packages: Quickly share your work with the world.

You’ll start writing Dart code on page 1, and throughout the book, you’ll refactor that code to explore Dart’s features: OOP, real libraries and packages, testing, and more. You’ll learn how to write beautiful, maintainable application code that just works™ in all modern browsers. Caution: after reading you may develop an intense attachment to structured code and skinny jeans.

What You Need

You will need the Dart SDK, which is freely available from dartlang.org. Most of the book works with Dartium, a preview release of Chrome that is included in the SDK and has the Dart VM built-in. Some of the examples use either the dart2js tool or the Dart Editor to compile Dart down into JavaScript—both are part of the SDK.

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