- Computational Intelligence in Image Processing

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Computational Intelligence in Image Processing is published by on August 11, 2012. This book has 304 pages in English, ISBN-10 3642306209, ISBN-13 978-3642306204. PDF is available for download below.

Computational Intelligence in Image Processing.

Computational intelligence based techniques have firmly established themselves as viable, alternate, mathematical tools for more than a decade. They have been extensively employed in many systems and application domains, among these signal processing, automatic control, industrial and consumer electronics, robotics, finance, manufacturing systems, electric power systems, and power electronics. Image processing is also an extremely potent area which has attracted the atten­tion of many researchers who are interested in the development of new computational intelligence-based techniques and their suitable applications, in both research prob­lems and in real-world problems.

  • Part I of the book discusses several image preprocessing algorithms
  • Part II broadly covers image compression algorithms
  • Part III demonstrates how computational intelligence-based techniques can be effectively utilized for image analysis purposes
  • Part IV shows how pattern recognition, classification and clustering-based techniques can be developed for the purpose of image inferencing

The book offers a unified view of the modern computational intelligence tech­niques required to solve real-world problems and it is suitable as a reference for engineers, researchers and graduate students.

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