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Beginning Scribus is published by on November 13, 2015. This book has 352 pages in English, ISBN-10 1484207238, ISBN-13 978-1484207239. PDF is available for download below.

Beginning Scribus.

Beginning Scribus is the book you wish you’d read when you downloaded Scribus for the first time. Scribus is an award-winning page-layout program used by newspaper designers, magazine designers and those who want to do proper page layout but not pay for an expensive solution. It is free and Open Source, providing a useful alternative for those who cannot afford or choose not to use Adobe InDesign or QuarkXpress.

Beginning Scribus provides you with the skills you will need in order to use this program productively. It demonstrates the techniques used by printers and publishers in order to create a range of layouts and effects, and it shows you how you can use these techniques to design everything from a flyer to a three-fold brochure. Using the latest Scribus release, Beginning Scribus takes you through the process of designing a magazine from start to finish and teaches you some of the tricks of professional page layout and design. The book also provides a definitive guide to desktop publishing using free, open source tools, such as GIMP for photo manipulation.

What you’ll learn

  • How to layout your pages to make calendars, brochures and magazines.
  • How to flow your text around pull-quotes and graphical images.
  • How to flow text along a curved path using a Bezier tool.
  • How to bleed your images to the edge of the page.
  • How to make interactive documents for the Web.

Who this book is for

Beginning Scribus is for those who are new to desktop publishing, and those who are new to Scribus. It is aimed at those who need to utilise a fully-featured page-layout system, but do not have the money to spend on InDesign or QuarkXpress.

Many people would love to be more creative in the way they design their documents, but they are daunted by the complexity of the tools, and the price of the software. This book is for them. Students, teachers, report writers, journalists and graphic designers will also find the book useful. Programming Python is not required. If you happen to know Python or wish to experiment, then there are ready made scripts that you may modify.

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